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Added 9 yearss ago

The other week we went to the Abbey Road studio to listen to a recording session for the latest James Bond movie - my friend JAC Redford (who has written a setting of two of my poems) had orchestrated Tom Newman's score. It was a fascinating experience to witness composer,orchestrater and orchestra (with imput from Sam Mendes the director) trying out different orchestral colours to match a little segment of film. Despite the difference of medium it seemed a very familiar process, apart from the element of collaboration which painters rarely experience.

The following week however I went up to Suffolk to hang an exhibition in the Snape Maltings with another friend, Mark Cazalet. Despite the similarity of inspiration our paintings use very different palettes - mine often cool, Mark's often warm - and the question was should we seperate the work or mix it up? In the end we decided to mix and juxtapose our paintings which has I think produced a more interesting and certainly a more collaborative exhibition.