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Roger Wagner

Born in 1957, Roger Wagner read English at Oxford University before studying at the Royal Academy School of Art. He has been represented in London since 1985 by Anthony Mould Ltd exhibiting there many times. Other one man shows include retrospectives at the Ashmolean Museum in 1994 and 2010. He has produced several books of illustrated poems and translations: Fire Sonnets (1984), In a Strange Land (1988), A Silent Voice (1997), Out of the Whirlwind (1997). The Book of Praises – a translation of the psalms Book One(1994), Book Two (2008), Book Three (2013). His major work Menorah was acquired by the Ashmolean Museum in 2010 and hangs in St Giles Church Oxford. His first stained glass window was installed in St Mary's Iffley in 2012. It was joined in 2014 by a font cover designed in collaboration with Nicholas Mynheer and an altar cloth installed in 2019. In 2014 he also painted the first portrait of Archbishop Justin Welby which was installed in Auckland Castle. In 2016 Oxford University Press published The Penultimate Curiosity co-authored with Andrew Briggs.In 2019 The Canterbury Press published a collection of his poems and images The Nearer You Stand, and a selection of his illustrated psalm translations The Book of Praises in 2020. In 2022 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford. 'Everywhere is Heaven: Stanley Spencer/Roger Wagner' is at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham until 24th of March. A permanent collection of his work in the Faith Museum at Auckland Castle opened in 2023. 

Individual Exhibitions
1985 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
1986 Gallery 44 The Aldeburgh Festival
1988 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
1994 The Ashmolean Museum Oxford
1996 The Bartlemas Chapel Oxford
1996 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
1997 Ely Cathedral
1997 Norwich Cathedral
1997 Edmunsbury Cathedral
1997 Southwark Cathedral
1998 Wells Cathedral
1998 Chester Cathedral
1999 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
2000 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
2001 The Prince's Foundation
2001 Worcester Cathedral
2004 Lady Margaret Hall
2004 Anthony Mould Contemporary London
2006 Phillip Mould Historical Portraits
2008 Montgomery Town Hall
2010 St Giles Church Oxford
2010 The Ashmolean Museum

2012 Norwich Cathedral

2013 Anthony Mould Contemporary London

2018 Fuller Seminary Pasadena.

2023-24 Everywhere is Heaven: Stanley Spencer/Roger Wagner, Cookham


The Ashmolean Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Natwest Collection
Canary Wharf Ltd
The Takeover Panel
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University
The Vintners Company
Odey Asset Management

Dioezesanmuseum Regensburg

 Auckland Castle Trust

Eton College

Writings by Roger Wagner
1984 Fire Sonnets, The Besalel Press
1988 In a Strange Land, The Besalel Press
1994 The Book of Praises: A Translation of the Psalms, The Besalel Press
1996 A Silent Voice, The Besalel Press
1997 Out of the Whirlwind, Solway
2006 Art and Faith, in Public Life and the Place of the Church, Ashgate
2008 The Book of Praises:A Translation of the Psalms (Book Two), The Besalel Press

2013 The Book of Praises:A Translation of the Psalms (Book Three), The Besalel Press

2016 The Penultimate Curiosity (with Andrew Briggs) OUP

2018 The Curious Science Quest (with Julia Golding and Andrew Briggs) Lion Hudson

2019  The Nearer You Stand  



The Penultimate Curiosity Reel Issue Films 2016 

Broadcast DirecTV 14th 21st April 2018, 

Streamed CuriosityStream 2018.

Broadcast EWTN April 2019

Group Exhibitions
1981 Royal Academy Diploma show
1989-1990 New Icons Mead Gallery University of Warwick, Royal Albert Museum Exeter, Usher Gallery Lincoln
1991 Images of Christ Albermarle Gallery London
1993 Images of Christ Northampton Gallery and St Paul's Cathedral
1994 The NatWest Collection The Royal Society of Arts
1995 The NatWest Collection The Royal Academy
1999 Landscape and Imagination The Prince of Wales Architectural Institute
1999-2000 The Light of the WorldThe Edinburgh City Art Gallery
1999 Europe Art et Passages Paris-
2000 The Salutation Oxford
2001 Help the Hospices Auction Thomas Gibson Fine Art and Sothebys
2001 Blake's Heaven Scolar Fine Art
2002 Roads to Damascus The Brewhouse Gallery Eton College
2004 Presence St Paul's Cathedral
2004 Loughborough University
2004 The North Light Gallery
2004 The Ark-T Centre
2005 St Giles Church Oxford
2006 Queen's College Oxford
2007 Queen's College Oxford
2007 Blake's House London
2008 Exeter College Oxford
2009 Queen's College Oxford

2010 Lent Concerts Queens College Oxford

2011 Insights into British Art Today Kunstammlungen das Bistums, Regensburg

2012 The Ocean in a Tree Snape Maltings

2014 Lent Concerts Queens College Oxford

2015 Lent Concerts Queens College Oxford

2016 Romancing Wales MOMA Machynelleth

2016 Pewter Live Pewterers Hall

2016 Lent Concerts Queens College Oxford

2019 Matter Matters Beijing (Czech-China Contemporary Art Gallery)

Hefei (Dadi Art Museum)
Kunming (TCG Nordica Gallery)


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Films and Broadcasts about Roger Wagner

1994 The Heart of the Matter 'Blasphemy" Joan Bakewell

2012 The One Show Sister Wendy Beckett 12 December

2016 Something Understood interview with Mark Tully BBC Radio 4