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The Book of Praises Book Three

 The Book of Praises is a new translation of the Psalms by Roger Wagner in which each psalm is illustrated with wood engravings and paintings in an arrangement of the English and Hebrew text. This volume contains Book Three of the Psalter, Psalms 73-89, and is the third instalment of a project that is eventually intended to encompass all five books.

 There is something medieval, in a complimentary sense, about this project. Its detail, its completeness, its scholarship..are extraordinary. The reader may use it as a work of devotion: if he does so he will be inspired in part, by the far greater devotion of the author.                               Charles Moore The Daily Telegraph 2/23/10 

 We all have our favourites among translations of the Psalms. Wagner is a recognised poet of lapidary quality, and the very act of translation brings with it a fresh understanding of the universal application of these profound hymns…They cannot be translated or depicted too often if an artist and linguist of Roger Wagner’s capacities is around to do it. That will never be often.                                                                               Pamela Tudor CraigThe Church Times 23/6/10

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