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The Nearer You Stand

Church Times review:

The Nearer You Stand

 A book of transfigurations Rowan Williams

Roger Wagner is a sober and clear poet and a remarkable, perhaps a towering artist …he has the power to create a myth. Peter Levi, Professor of Poetry (1984-89), University of Oxford  


Roger Wagner, in my mind, is one of the most important artists working today. The Nearer YouStand captures his immense gift as a painter, and… his adroit integrative power of communication that speaks powerfully into our souls.  Makoto Fujimura, artist



Roger Wagner is an artist who calls our attention to a world infused with the divine. This is a beautiful and spiritually rich book to spend proper time with.

                                                                                  Mark Oakley, author of The Splash of Words


Be prepared to be startled by his profound simplicity. Esther de Waal


Although we rarely use ‘truth’ as a value of modern art, it is unavoidable in considering the poetry and painting of Roger Wagner…  perhaps it is the note of quiet conviction that makes these poems, paintings and prints so compelling.                                                                                                    Christopher le Brun, President of the Royal Academy of Arts 


Here are paintings and poems which help us to see in a new way, and challenge our habits and assumptions. Modern scenes are re-imagined as alive with biblical resonance, and biblical scenes are brought into new relevance and focus. Roger Wagner, in luminous, often numinous art, and in precise and plangent verse, restores our sense of wonder even as he sharpens our vision.

                                                                                                      Malcolm Guite, poet and writer