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F2960-1 Budd/Wagner Blue



ARTIST: Roger Wagner


Mosaic Craftsman: Oliver Budd


Materials Employed:


Mosaic installed 29th June 2021




Smalti glass mosaic made by Angelo Orsoni - Venice


The full range of gold mosaics (from silver to copper) in 10mm, 20mm and 80mm by Angelo Orsoni - Venice


Some pre-war flesh coloured Smalti made by Mellinni – Florence


Rare pre-war metallic mosaic (copper, green, blue) – Mellinni - Florence


Iridescent waterglass made by Sisci 


Very rare “crackle-glaze” metallic mosaics (in angel’s wings) – Mexican origin – originally from a cache of materials from the studios of Ethel Maxine Albro (employed by Diego Rivera to create a series of mosaics to his designs)


Rare “ripple” silver metallic on pale blue glass (used face and reverse) – Orsoni - Venice


Reversed gold mosaic showing green glass face-up – Orsoni special order for Kenneth Budd’s South London studio - 1960’s


Special order of intense Azure blue mosaic – Angelo Orsoni - Venice